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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Neo-conservatives Bang the Drums for Obama's Handlers' War in Crimea

Neo-conservatives babble about the importance of "keeping our commitments" to the EU and Ukraine. As if the America run by Obama's handlers was the real America. Neo-cons' excuses for supporting the IMF/EU's war against Russia include enforcing respect for territorial integrity. They rationalize also that America must maintain our credibility.

Neo-con/Obama/Brennnan's Democratic "Freedom fighters" on the Euro-Maidan

Territorial integrity? Commitments? Credibility?

Is that a joke? Obama's handlers and the Clintons let those horses out of the barn long ago.

How about the territorial integrity of Serbia--remember Kosovo? The Serbs and Russians do!

How about the territorial integrity of Libya?

Territorial integrity of Egypt? Territorial integrity of Syria? Territorial integrity of Pakistan? Obama's handlers have violated all of the above. The rest of the world watches our anti-Traditional administration. They see, just as we do domestically, the lawless sabotage of other nations' sovereignty by Obama's handlers.

Commitments? The whole world sees Obama's handlers lie repeatedly--about everything they do, foreign and domestic. All of them know that there is no commitment Obama's America makes that is worth the paper it's written on. The Obama/Holder/Kerry/Brennan regime is all about lacking credibility.

The rest of the world saw the Obama/Brennan covert take-down of Libya as craven groveling to the EU's economic interests. And all of Obama's America's actions are the same. None are taken in American interests. And the world sees that, and knows that.

There is no respect for America in the world already. We sure as hell don't need to get in a war designed to bolster the PC-Progs' domestic agenda to build respect.

If we're gonna get involved in Crimea, why not start a war in Kashmir? Why not start a war in Tibet? Why not Xinjiang? Why not start a war with China over Japan's islands? Or the disputed territory in the South China Sea?

There are no American interests at stake in Ukraine--except for the interests of the PC-Prog Obama clique worried about their grip on American society. Notice how Obamacare has slipped off the front pages? Benghazi is a distant memory. What Fast and Furious--all gone from the news now? IRS persecution of the Tea Party--pleading the Fifth to conceal Obama's handler's role directing the persecution. All gone now.

A war is exactly what the PC-Progs need. Don't give it to them.

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