Sunday, May 6, 2012

NPR's Enviro-Whacko Scare Agitation Propaganda

Business trips are a treat for me. I get to watch cable TV. Fox Movie Channel and Swamp People on the Discovery channel. Since the transition to digital broadcast, we get more than 40 channels from a good antenna in the attic. But these cable only channels provide some interesting programming that we don't usually get.

Unfortunately, this morning I made the mistake of clicking past NPR. No fund-raising babbling. A "science" program, though. Lester Brown's Mobilizing to Save Civilization. Narrated by that brilliant science mind, Matt Damon. Featuring brilliant "scientific" insight by brilliant "scientists," including the New York Times' Thomas Friedman, an economist. Veterinarian Steve Osofsky of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

And not to forget the somehow renowned Lester Brown. The opening of the show followed Brown from make-up to the set. Brown sat down on the blue screen set, and began furiously blinking while intoning standard global warming doomsday agitation propaganda.

Brown's stunning lack of self-awareness is displayed in his opening monologue about a trip he took to China recently (evidently one of many globe trotting adventures he takes on carbon spewing jetliners).

Evidently, Brown's science methodology is as advanced as other NPR agit-propagandists like Lonnie Thompson. NPR's Thompson-led hit piece in September 2010 focused on his visit to a glacier in Indonesia. In his two weeks there, rain melted 12 inches of the glacier. Lonnie took this rate of melting, and predicted that the glacier would dissappear soon.

Lonnie's amazing "science," based on his personal observations of an exotic location, while on a federally subsidized "global warming science" expedition, was laughable. The real news was that there was a glacier 4 degrees from the equator at all! A quick check of the weather report for that glacier, on the day that the NPR story was published, showed 30 inches of snow were forecast in the next 5 days.

But Lonnie wasn't there to see that snow, and those facts don't fit NPR's Chicken Little panic, so those facts didn't make it into NPR's story. Only Lonnie's solemn intoning that "glacier's going to dissappear in as little as five years if that rate continues."

And now, Lester Brown, another cadaverous, grey NPR fake scientist who thinks the world is ending dying because of the sins of humankind, harangues us to destroy our economy, devastate our way of life, and otherwise destroy the fruit of generations of real scientists and engineers.

Like nearly all of NPR's Luddite haters of capitalist progress, Brown displays no evident understanding of the exquisite irony of his idiotic "scientific" rants.

Brown's opening rant is what he and the producers must believe is an illustrative parable. Brown tells of flying to China, and we see him sitting in a huge business or first class seat, straining to see out the window. His narration explains that his flight took the polar route. During his first class, carbon-spewing luxurious 12 hour earth-destroying ego-boosting flight, Brown said that he looked out the window and observed the polar ice. Flying at 35,000 feet above the earth, Brown claimed that he noticed that there were disturbing fissures across "most of the ice."

Much like the despicable Lonnie's equatorial glacier observations, this creepy Brown, who is a farmer, not a scientist at all, seems to believe that their silly personal observations can be generalized. The plural of anecdote is not data. Evidently the idiots at NPR believe that anecdotes shared by skinny gray dudes will somehow convince the rest of us to hop on bicycles and stop taking first class jet trips around the world.

Of course, NPR and its elitist cadavers won't stop their carbon-heavy jet-setting. They need to collect more silly personal stories that can be dramatized for NPR's gullible PC-Progressives.

The sooner we can defund this foolish PC-Progressive scare-mongering, fund-raising, the-sky-is-falling clique, the better.