Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Politically Correct Progressive "Science"--Rolling Stone as a High School Textbook

Climate "Science": Frighten the Children till They Obey

Scare them. Frighten them. Terrify them. Control them. The curriculum editor of the profoundly anti-capitalist Howard Zinn Rethinking Schools, Bill Bigelow, shares his techniques to make students think they're all gonna die. Remember, it's all about the Science.

In a muddled article conflating slavery with using fossil fuels, Bigelo boasts about how he successfully terrified at least one adolescent girl. He says that when he recently "taught a unit on climate change at a local high school in Portland. I began by introducing students to the “three scary numbers” featured in Bill McKibben’s important Rolling Stone article from last summer, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.”

Be sure that you digest that. Bigelow, a militant anti-American social studies teacher, taught a "unit on climate change" in Portland. The reference he used for the Science class was an article in Rolling Stone magazine, that go-to authority of Climate Science.

So what was the poor girl's response? Tough guy Bigelow continues, "In the midst of a class activity, “The Mystery of the Three Scary Numbers,” one of the students I was working with grasped the enormity of what she was uncovering; she turned to a friend and asked, “Does this mean we’re going to die?”

Climate communication. It's all about the Science.

These PC-Progressives are determined to pump our children full of terror and hatred. They want to control and destroy.

Let's stop them.

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Crusader said...

They are instilling FUD: Fear, uncertainty and doubt. What better way to mobilize young minds into instant terror induced action!