Wednesday, November 24, 2010

North Korea: Time to Lead, Barack

North Korea: President Obama, Time To Be A Leader

Originally appeared in BigPeace; Nov. 24, 2010

The two remaining members of the Axis of Evil, Iran and North Korea, have made clear their lack of respect for our callow and shallow President, as he traipsed around the world with his gold-plated posse in tow.

Tehran continues its march towards production of nuclear weapons just as fast as Russia, North Korea, and rogue suppliers of technology can feed them resources.

Meanwhile, North Korea manipulated American scientists to reveal the advanced stages of their nuclear weapons production facilities. And just in case Obama was on the golf course, or flying to a ceremony in Europe, and didn’t hear that message, the communist Koreans on Tuesday carpet-shelled a free Korean island.

Can you hear them now, Mr. Obama? Do you realize that it wasn’t President Bush that they hate? Do you realize how ridiculous they consider you? Do you realize how much you have humiliated the country that you chose to call home? Do you realize that America is the vanguard of good in the world?

The Axis of Evil are not humane. They are not humanitarian. They are not caring. They are not fair. They are not free. They are not open. They are not dedicated to human decency, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

They are dedicated to control. Control of their own people. Control of you. Control of me. For what purpose? For evil, Mr. Obama. They are evil. Their goals are evil. Their intent is evil. They mask their goals in ideology—religious (Iran’s theocracy) or quasi-religious (North Korea’s worship of its leader and his spawn). But their ultimate goal is to control.

You kow-tow to kings, despots, and tyrants. Bullies sense weakness. Bullies sense cowardice. The Axis of Evil are bullies. Your actions since inauguration signal weakness and cowardice. Allies, foes, and potential foes all around the world hear and see your message of weakness. They smell blood in the water.

It is clear that you have neither the experience nor aptitude to undertake the job which you won in 2008. But you could show your character. Fire your team. Then resign. Allow leaders with experience and wisdom to make the hard decisions required to keep our country and its allies safe and free.

The whole world is watching. China is intrigued. Russia awaits. Do the right thing, for America. article on North Korea's artillery attack.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Negotiate with the Taliban? How Many Eggheads Make an Omelette?

Negotiate with the Taliban—How Many Eggheads Make an Omelette?

Originally appeared in BigPeace; Oct. 25, 2010

Obama wants to negotiate with the Taliban? What sort of brilliant strategist devised that idea? I’ll see your Holbrooke, and raise you a Hillary.

Not since the waning days of the Johnson administration has America had so many clueless eggheads deciding the course of our history. A holdover from Kennedy’s presidency, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy was a liberal shining star. Much like Obama’s geniuses, it seems that his credentials were based on high aptitude test scores. He also talked Harvard into hiring him as a professor holding only a B.A. degree. He was the Chairman of Johnson’s 303 Committee, the U.S. government’s covert action coordinating group. He played a leading role in such Democrat fiascoes as the Bay of Pigs, bombing North Vietnam, covert operations in Cambodia, the Cuban missile crisis, and more.

The next convocation of self-proclaimed geniuses inflicted on us was the Carter administration. His National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, oversaw Carter’s bowing and scraping to the Evil Empire, the communist Russians. The combination of Carter’s sweater-clad misunderstanding of our adversaries and Brzezinski’s self-aggrandizing showboating caused foreign affairs disasters, one after another. The Soviets picked our pockets in the strategic missile negotiations. Then they head-faked Carter and invaded Afghanistan while the brilliant, populist Democrat rhapsodized about world peace and understanding. And, in a humiliating slap heard around the world, Iranian Islamic extremist revolutionaries seized our embassy in Tehran, and kidnapped 66 American citizens. But the humiliation was not over for the Democrat geniuses. The Carter White House micromanaged a Delta force rescue attempt that fizzled out in the Iranian desert. It ended in disaster and eight brave Americans lost their lives.

With Democrat geniuses again running our foreign affairs and combat, we should refresh our memory of the consequences of following the advice of “brilliant” liberal technocrats. The results include the Bay of Pigs, restricted rules of engagement in Vietnam, body counts, hearts and minds, SALT II, Afghanistan, an entire American embassy seized and held hostage, dead soldiers in sandstorms. And now we have the reprise of Johnson/Carter brain trusts—the Obama clique of professors. Can their brilliance possibly produce different outcomes than the previous Ivy League Democrat bozos?

So far, Obama’s crowd has produced, among other foreign affairs coups, the “closure” of Gitmo. The persecution of CIA officers for interrogating terrorists. The elevation of gays in the military to a policy level issue while we conduct two wars. Confused incoherence on handling terrorist prisoners of war—a plan, decided at breakfast, to prosecute combatants captured on the battlefield for felonies in U.S. courts. Hit with a massive terrorist attack by an al-Qaeda penetration agent in the U.S. Army—Obama and his geniuses warned against connecting the dots to come to any conclusions. Obama’s National Counterterrorism Advisor investigated himself after both his previous CIA analytical program and his commercial program, which he sold to his former office, failed. The same geniuses were unable to “connect the dots” to identify the Panties Bomber. The muddled undergraduate seminar to choose a strategy in Afghanistan. The muddled strategy that resulted—Obama announced a withdrawal date at the same time he announced a surge. The panicked firing of a military professional after a liberal hit piece reveals that, wait—he thought Joe Biden was an idiot! The elevation to the status of military savior of the general who the progressives, led by Obama and Hillary, derided as a lying traitor. Nation-building in Afghanistan. Rolling over for the Russians after the FBI arrested ten, count ‘em ten, covert agents and agent handlers living and working as “illegals” in the U.S. North Korea blew up a South Korean ship. Iran fired up its nuclear reactors, with Russian expertise, after liberal analysts and the Obamaites assured us that the Iranians had no such ability, desire or expertise. A unilateral declaration of the end of combat in Iraq, while Americans continue to fight and die there. And there are more. Billy Joel could do a new “We didn’t light the fire” song with just Obama’s blunders.

Foreign affairs disasters, miscalculations, blunders, mistakes, crises, call them what you will. For anyone who cares about American interests the last two years were horrific.

So, back to negotiating with the Taliban. Why? The only reason the Taliban negotiate with us is to buy time. They know we are leaving. They even know the date. Obama told them. They have all the time in the world. They just wait until Obama turns tail and declares an end to combat. We leave. Then the massacres begin.

Anyone old enough to remember the fall of Saigon? I worked in a refugee camp, more than ten years after Saigon fell. The destroyed lives, shattered families, ruined bodies, spirits and minds trickled out of Vietnam into the camps. Millions of people risked life and limb to escape the totalitarian, anti-American regime that murdered, tortured, or re-educated anyone who had contact with Americans.

What is different in Afghanistan? When Obama declares combat over, will the Taliban be merciful to Afghan women who worked with Americans? How about the Afghan Army and intelligence service? Will the Taliban accept the police? Recent history suggests that there will be a bloodbath worse than Vietnam. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia exterminated nearly a third of their fellow countrymen. And they were only motivated by politics, not religion. Obama’s geniuses could potentially have the blood of millions on their hands. Professorial seminars and 99
th percentile SATs could prove to be deadly—again.

Originally appeared in Breitbart's