Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rush to War to Ensure Obama's Re-election

Rush to war to ensure Obama's re-election

PC-Progressive Campaign Tactic--Start a war to raise political support?

PC-Progressives, as detailed in Willing Accomplices must lie about everything they do and believe. Obama already knows that his re-election chances are zero, even with the help of the PC-Progressive media.

Since the ends justify the means, in their twisted reality, however, PC-Progressives can justify anything, no matter how heinous, in order to maintain their grip on power.

What would the effect on the election be if Obama/Hillary/Holder/Brennan launch a full-scale war 1-6 weeks before the election?

First, executive initiation of war against Iran/Syria/Hizballah would appear to be so "out of character" for Obama that a percentage of neo-conservatives would believe that Obama had seen the light, and was now on their side,. They could throw their support behind him, at least in the hot flash of war fever in the few weeks before the election.

A war-time president has much greater powers, domestically and internationally, than a peace-time president. And Obama's clique has not been shy about using any power--legally or illegally.

If the polls do not skyrocket in his favor in the the few days before the election, or if there is any overt dissension with the regime's decision to go to war, Obama will have a rationale for imposing drastic control over domestic opponents.

A final option would be to suspend the election, due to "hostile actions by the enemy in the Homeland." Remember the "disrupted assassination plot in Mexico?" As soon as that was announced, I realized what Obama/Holder/Brennan were up to. My article from Oct. 2011 is here.

In a fair election, Obama and his band of buffoonish political bandits, now revealed for all to see, would be vanquished in a landslide. Their plan to empower illegal aliens to vote, and to duplicate their previous voting scam schemes (dead voters, voting in multiple districts, etc) are recognized and are being counter-acted. Voter ID laws, voting roster purges, and other legal counter-measures will curtail the effect of the dead and illegal voting bloc.

Obama and his clique know all this. And yet, don't you see the President acting sort of like the cat that's swallowed the canary? He all but gloats in public appearances. He's dropped the pretense, noted by Biden, of being clean and articulate. He's reverted to who he is--Chicago PC-Progressive street thug. Michelle seems unchained too. They know something that you and I do not know (or so they think). What is their secret?

On a final note, I've written before, and again, about the evil genius who has sold his soul to Obama's PC-Progressive devil--John Brennan. He appears to consider himself a master covert operator. At the same time, he loves the limelight. If he's not engrossed in covert planning, he would be on the stump for his evil master.

But Brennan has been invisible for nearly a year (since the Osama take-down). This is probably the clearest clue that the Obama regime is planning some sort of surprise action.

The action will be quick. It will be a surprise. It will cleave the conservative coalition. It will ensure the whole PC-Progressive Obama clique's tenure in the halls of power.

Can the USA survive the coming world war intact? Will we be the same country in the aftermath?

The signs are there. Heed them.