Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Ironic Inversion: Russia and USA swap cultures

 In the span of just one life-time, the international ying-yang of political beliefs has inverted, ironically. What does that mean?


The poison seed of American self-hatred, planted by deliberate foreign influence operators, in the 1920s and 1930s sprouted, spread, and bore fruit, with full bloom in the late 1990s. The self-hating fruit poisoned our culture and created a twisted self-hatred.


Meanwhile, the source of the poison, the Russian-dominated Soviet Union and its Comintern, collapsed under the weight of its own fake philosophy, based on human-hatred, Marxism-Leninism. Russia reverted to its own national normal state, dropping the fake Marxist-Leninist-Darwinian communist dogma that imagined the entire human race would evolve into a global group-hug filled with hatred for the reality of human nature.


The geniuses of the covert influence operations against America (full details in my book, Willing Accomplices) were slaughtered by their communist sponsors. But, like farmers who planted kudzu seeds and then died, their malign work grew on its own and spread over the entire USA.


The operation created social and political organizations that celebrated the beliefs and attitudes that became Politically Correct Progressivism (PC-Prog): "America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, imperialist, capitalist hellhole; and it must be changed."


These organizations celebrated the hatred, and made it socially attractive to be part of the in-crowd. Like a self-licking ice cream cone, the PC-Prog belief system became self-reinforcing. Although it took 80 years, instead of five to ten years that the Comintern operators expected, the influence operation infected all American cultural transmission belts.


The result? In 2022: an American culture fixated on hatred of Normal-America and the Normal-Americans who created our republic. A culture gazing at its own navel with hatred and disgust for Normals. A culture that now turns its PC-Prog attentions outward, in an actual imperialist push to force the rest of the world to accept its twisted version of "values" and "morals."


The irony? Russia, whose communist influence operators planted and cultivated the PC-Prog payload of American self-hatred, has reverted to Normalcy. America, the former bastion of Normals, has collapsed under the weight of the PC-Prog payload. 


An ironic inversion.