Friday, April 15, 2016

Normal-American Tea Party Swamped by Influencers

New book coming out April 30:

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This is a much needed exploration of how the Tea Party was seized by influencers acting for foreign and other interests. 
The author might want to explore the manipulation and hi-jacking of the Tea Party by the neo-cons. They unleashed their influence peddlers on the Tea Party organizations early and often.

From 2010 till today, you'll see the most common speaker or issue at local Tea Party meetings is "the threat of Shariah," or "Iran," or any of the other neo-con specific issues of concern to their foreign sponsors.

Frank Gaffney was/is the go-to guy for indoctrinating Tea Party groups with this neo-con payload.

The other interest group that hi-jacked the Tea Party movement was spear-headed by a freakish New Zealander, Trevor Loudon. Loudon hides his affiliation and traipses around the USA (on whose dime?) presenting to Tea Party groups his fetish-weirdness--that all American Progressives are directly connected to overt Socialist/Communist organizations.

This is such a horrible misunderstanding of American politics that it could only come from a foreigner--which he is. But Loudon is even worse--he represents a strange convolution of two cults--Scientology and a rump-remnant branch of the John Birch Society.

Loudon is a long-time representative of, spokesman for, and true-believer in a New Zealand cult (ZAP--Zenith Applied Philosophy) that blends Scientology (their leader, "Johnny Ultimate") was defrocked from Scientology and had to form his own cult) and documents they dredged up from John Birch Society of the 1950s.

Since the Tea Party was formed, Loudon appears, as if by magic, at local meetings all across the country. Who's funding this insanity?

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