Monday, November 10, 2008

Crisis Hints--Obama's Friends Provide Details

Things are moving pretty quickly in the race to provide Obama with cover and excuses for the coming crackdown.

The Prophet of Global Doom has spoken: Al Gore urges "the inspiring and transformative" Obama to take action, and take action quickly.

Gore's vision of global doom requires harsh, nation-wide, and immediate action.

Although neither Gore or Obama admit the consequences of their visions, it does not take much imagination to read between the lines and envision what implementation of Gore's plan to "put a price on carbon here at home."

What that means is massive taxes on energy as we know it.

What it means is transformation of our economy to the horse and buggy days.

What Gore means is that the vast swathes of Red American will be transformed into 19th century farmsteads. The farmsteads will be viewed by the Prophets and their followers from 30,000 feet as they fly from coast to coast in jetliners, attending their Global Warming Doom and Gloom conferences.

Meanwhile, we experience the coldest year in decades. Record cold blankets the country. North pole ice expands to a record amount.

Ignore reality.

Just listen to the Prophets.


Sacrifice for the system.

Give it up.

And enjoy it.

Welcome to Change.

More to come.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama the Jacobin

Obama, the American Jacobin--Robespierre, Stalin, and Dzerzhinsky

Obama has been successful in his quest for power.

His political techniques were classic, directly from the pages of revolutionary manuals.

And I don't mean the American Revolution.

His political handlers, his political career, his political rhetoric, are models of socialist/communist methods.

True Believers March to the Front

The key, the communists learned, is to never tell the truth.

All communist rhetoric was calculated to appeal to the specific circumstances of the current situation.

They never revealed their true intentions to the uninitiated, the fellow travelers, the useful idiots.

Their appeals to the unitiated were full of generalized platitudes. No mention of specific policies or plans of action after they achieve power.

Obama's generalized platitudes?



American Jacobins March to the Front

Well, Obama has now achieved power.

What could be behind his platitudes?

Let's look at some historical precedents that called for Change, Hope, or Belief.

Before we do, though, let's look back at how others have solidified their power, especially when faced with an unruly, uncooperative legislative body, or uncooperative citizens.

The best example of uncooperative legislatures, and how the "Changers" deal with them, occurred in November 1917. Nationwide elections resulted in the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) finishing second in the legislative elections. The Communists, within days, "dissolved" the legislature. Thus began several years of bloody civil war. This civil war, and the Communists' techniques of mass arrests, summary executions, internments, and repression set the template for Communist rule in Russia for the next 70 years. The founder of the KGB, Felix Dzerzhinsky, perfected his techniques during this Crisis.

Comrade Dzerzhinsky, Change Strategist

A good example of uncooperative citizens, and how they are handled by "Changers" was post-Revolutionary France. After the Revolution, led by the Jacobins, severed the heads of aristocrats, its energies turned inwards.

A series of Crises brought about counter-revolutionary purges against the revolutionaries that were even bloodier than the original anti-elite blood-letting. Robespierre, architect of Change, lost his head.

Care for Some Change Citizen Robespierre? The Changer Loses His Head

The Jacobins, intellectuals who knew what was best for other citizens, used the street fighting Sans Culottes, to bring about Change. But in the end, the Sans Culottes had their own way. Once they had a taste of it, their lust for blood knew no bounds.

Robespierre's Sans Culottes

Obama's Sans Culottes

Although there are many real-world examples in history, these two are good for our purposes.

The goal here is to look at how "Changers" deal with the reality they find once they are in power. They come to power mouthing vague platitudes that mean all things to all people.

Once in power, it is impossible to make all their followers happy. One or another faction will be dissappointed. Their dissappointment causes them to turn against the "Changers." The Changers then turn on their ex-followers. Their revenge is nasty, bloody, and violent.

In both of the examples above, the Changers were able to use a "Crisis" to rationalize their crackdowns.

Is there a parallel here to Obama and his movement?

The parallel is striking.

How will this play out?

What is the crisis that the American Jacobins will declare requires action?

Joe Biden already provided a hint when he said, "Mark my words, within 6 months, we will face a major international crisis, testing this young President."

Gird your loins, friends.

A few quotations equating Change with Revolution:

Social revolution is nothing more than a change in the way we live our lives.

This article is about revolution in the sense of a drastic change.

Also, from the early days of New Democracy, our first flyer calling for revolution: We Can Change The World.

Real change requires that we abolish a system based on wealth and power for the few and create society based on real democracy and hope for the many.

As we near the end of the twentieth century, many people have lost hope in the future. The reason for this loss of hope is that there seems to be no alternative to the capitalist system. Communism and socialism have failed. The idea of fundamental change--the idea of revolution--has been defeated by the reality of it.
HOPE AND REVOLUTION: A New Democracy Flyer[]

Hope in the future and belief in the possibility of fundamental change "belief in the possibility of revolution" are inextricably linked. The defeat of the idea of revolution has led to an end to the belief that human beings have the capacity to create a human world.
My purpose in this book is to show that we can triumph over the system to create a truly democratic society.

It is by and because of the direct acts of the forerunners of social change, whether they be of peaceful or warlike nature, that the Human Conscience, the conscience of the mass, becomes aroused to the need for change.

All Russian Extraordinary Commission, subsequently known by its Russian initials, Cheka. This organization was responsible for enforcing obedience to party and state decisions during the early days of the Revolution.

Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution.

The immediate cause of the February Revolution of 1917 was the collapse of the czarist regime under the gigantic strain of World War I. The underlying cause was the backward economic condition of the country, which made it unable to sustain the war effort against powerful, industrialized Germany.

the government's policy of postponing for future determination by a constituent assembly the solution of such pressing problems as economic disorganization, the continued food crisis, industrial reforms, redistribution of land to peasants, and the growth of counterrevolutionary forces.

Lenin then appealed over the head of the assembly to the people, claiming the workers' councils (the soviets) represented "a higher form of democratic principle." By January 1918 the assembly was completely demoralized, and it ceased to function.

Karl Marx's call for a dictatorship of the proletariat at the outset of any socialist regime in order to solve problems of social change from capitalism to socialism, was realized with considerable strength after Lenin sent troops to the Constituent Assembly in January 1918 to intimidate representatives.

The closure of the Constituent Assembly by Red Army units under Bolshevik command meant the end of the enduring dream of the Russian opposition that a Constituent Assembly might settle Russia's future.

Robespierre took the lead and the Terror was installed to defeat the insurrection and to repel opportunistic foreign invaders, since this was in every sense a national emergency.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fullbright Scholar--Ratting Out America on Our Dime

The Fulbright scholarship program is a US taxpayer funded academic exchange program. US citizens who accept money from the Fulbright program, travel to foreign countries to undertake research.

These US citizens are provided full support from the local United States government representatives, namely the staff of the US embassy in the country in which they are working.

These Fulbright scholars are accorded special privileges, which are not provided to ordinary US citizens abroad. They enjoy the support of the US embassy, and the special aura that surrounds an American affiliated with the US embassy in a third world country.

US Citizen Fulbright scholars do not carry some sort of United Nations passport, nor are they "citizens of the world." They are US citizens, with the full rights and responsibilities of any other US citizen.

John Alexander van Schaick (above), a Fulbright scholar in Bolivia, recently ratted out a US Embassy Security Officer to the Bolivian government. The Assistant Regional Security Officer (ARSO) in Bolivia provided a security briefing to Fulbright scholars and Peace Corps volunteers.

During this briefing, the ARSO mentioned to the scholars and volunteers that the US embassy was interested in the whereabouts and activities of third country citizens in Bolivia, specifically Cubans and Venezuelans.

Clearly a patriotic internationalist, van Schaick ran crying to ABC News to reveal the US Embassy's interest in Cubans and Venezuelans in Bolivia. ABC broke the story with screaming headlines and a full network news story, now ricocheting around the internet.

Bolivia responded by closing a police training academy funded by the US embassy. In addition, it appears that they canceled other security and intelligence cooperation programs with the US.

The simpering hero of this story, van Schaick, was quoted as saying "I was in shock. My immediate thought was 'oh my God!Somebody from the U.S. Embassy just asked me to basically spy for the U.S.Embassy.'"

According to news reports, "Van Schaick, 23, said he reported the incident Thursday to Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca."

Clearly, the callow van Schaick, skipped his civics lessons throughout elementary and high school. Or, more likely, he never had any civics lessons. He is an American. He is not a citizen of the United Nations. He is not in Bolivia to serve the interests of Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia. The taxpayers of the United States have provided him with a privileged position in order to advance the interests of the United States.

What the ARSO asked van Schaick to do was not espionage. It was not spying. The ARSO has a very difficult job, being responsible for the safety and security of all US citizens in his country, including twits like van Schaick. The ARSO's responsibility is a daunting and difficult assignment. It is not made any easier by having unwilling, ignorant, misguided charges.

Now if this silly young boy had been working within the Bolivian government, and had enjoyed access to some sort of secret information, and the ARSO had requested that he deliver this information to the US embassy, that would have been espionage. If this starry eyed internationalist had been asked to courier secret payments to rebels in the jungles of Bolivia, that would have been espionage. If this ungrateful recipient of American taxpayer largesse had been asked to secretly contact Bolivian government officials, that would have been espionage.

His reporting of an internal conversation within the US embassy to the Bolivian government borders on espionage, against the United States. It also borders on treason. At the very least, it is ungrateful. His reporting to the Bolivian government is a slap in the face to each and every US citizen taxpayer that provided him funds to travel to Bolivia to pursue his studies.

The privileges and responsibilities accorded the taxpayer-funded "scholar," van Schaick, should be immediately withdrawn from this ignorant researcher of "land use issues among largely indigenous farmers in Bolivia's eastern lowlands."

In the future, if the US government provides services to Fulbright scholars, such as security briefings, the Fulbrighters should be required to sign nondisclosure agreements. They should also be advised of their right to leave the country immediately and to cancel their scholarships, grants, and other funding, if they disagree with what they hear from US officials.

We deserve no less than full cooperation from all taxpayer-funded individuals anywhere in the world. If the van Schaicks of the world believe that their allegiance is owed to some higher power, or to another country, then let them answer to that higher power or the other country. And let the higher power, or the other country, fund their activities. For now, we need to immediately recall van Schaick, strip him of all US government funding,and explore options for dealing with his treasonous actions. In the meantime, the ARSO should be rewarded for doing his job.

PS: Here is the financial deal that the ungrateful rat is receiving from US taxpayers (source: IIE Website, :

$1,870-$2,860 monthly base stipend.

Allowance of $1,000 for books and
educational materials.

Travel/relocation: $2,450-$5,200, based on the
number of accompanying dependents.

Maintenance: $1,100-$1,650, based on the
number of accompanying dependents.