Monday, November 10, 2008

Crisis Hints--Obama's Friends Provide Details

Things are moving pretty quickly in the race to provide Obama with cover and excuses for the coming crackdown.

The Prophet of Global Doom has spoken: Al Gore urges "the inspiring and transformative" Obama to take action, and take action quickly.

Gore's vision of global doom requires harsh, nation-wide, and immediate action.

Although neither Gore or Obama admit the consequences of their visions, it does not take much imagination to read between the lines and envision what implementation of Gore's plan to "put a price on carbon here at home."

What that means is massive taxes on energy as we know it.

What it means is transformation of our economy to the horse and buggy days.

What Gore means is that the vast swathes of Red American will be transformed into 19th century farmsteads. The farmsteads will be viewed by the Prophets and their followers from 30,000 feet as they fly from coast to coast in jetliners, attending their Global Warming Doom and Gloom conferences.

Meanwhile, we experience the coldest year in decades. Record cold blankets the country. North pole ice expands to a record amount.

Ignore reality.

Just listen to the Prophets.


Sacrifice for the system.

Give it up.

And enjoy it.

Welcome to Change.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Kent, I find your well secured opinions drawn from wisdom a refreshing corroboration. I am at a loss for the lack of other opinions and think people are either totally and willingly brainwashed by the allegedly unbiased media or afraid to comment on your blog contributions.

Of course the comfortable, wel-fed, insulated and leftist intellectual and gourmet collaborators would do all they could to besmirch your powerful writings-if they only coul;d with equal insight and actual facts. Kepp writing brother, maybe the will of the American people will not be herded like cattle toward their own destruction.

We can only pray and nhope and work selflessly. American has been blatantly hijacked, and they are loving every minute.

Unknown said...

The price of oil has plummeted by more than 70% since you posted this, Kent, and the only horse & buggies ambling around are of the tourist variety in Old City. So we're curious to know if you since decontextualized the logic that originally led you to formulate this prediction.