Wednesday, November 24, 2010

North Korea: Time to Lead, Barack

North Korea: President Obama, Time To Be A Leader

Originally appeared in BigPeace; Nov. 24, 2010

The two remaining members of the Axis of Evil, Iran and North Korea, have made clear their lack of respect for our callow and shallow President, as he traipsed around the world with his gold-plated posse in tow.

Tehran continues its march towards production of nuclear weapons just as fast as Russia, North Korea, and rogue suppliers of technology can feed them resources.

Meanwhile, North Korea manipulated American scientists to reveal the advanced stages of their nuclear weapons production facilities. And just in case Obama was on the golf course, or flying to a ceremony in Europe, and didn’t hear that message, the communist Koreans on Tuesday carpet-shelled a free Korean island.

Can you hear them now, Mr. Obama? Do you realize that it wasn’t President Bush that they hate? Do you realize how ridiculous they consider you? Do you realize how much you have humiliated the country that you chose to call home? Do you realize that America is the vanguard of good in the world?

The Axis of Evil are not humane. They are not humanitarian. They are not caring. They are not fair. They are not free. They are not open. They are not dedicated to human decency, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

They are dedicated to control. Control of their own people. Control of you. Control of me. For what purpose? For evil, Mr. Obama. They are evil. Their goals are evil. Their intent is evil. They mask their goals in ideology—religious (Iran’s theocracy) or quasi-religious (North Korea’s worship of its leader and his spawn). But their ultimate goal is to control.

You kow-tow to kings, despots, and tyrants. Bullies sense weakness. Bullies sense cowardice. The Axis of Evil are bullies. Your actions since inauguration signal weakness and cowardice. Allies, foes, and potential foes all around the world hear and see your message of weakness. They smell blood in the water.

It is clear that you have neither the experience nor aptitude to undertake the job which you won in 2008. But you could show your character. Fire your team. Then resign. Allow leaders with experience and wisdom to make the hard decisions required to keep our country and its allies safe and free.

The whole world is watching. China is intrigued. Russia awaits. Do the right thing, for America. article on North Korea's artillery attack.

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