Friday, March 21, 2014

Unholy Alliance of Neo-cons and PC-Progressives Racing Towards War--Why?

The neo-conservatives, banging their constant calls for war--anywhere, any time--and the PC-Progs--who are really pissed at Putin for the whole anti-homosexual issue--are ready to take on Russia.

Let 'em! Go build a unified neo-con/LGBT/IMF/EU Army. But don't drag America, and America's military into your tangled webs of intrigue and conflict.

There are NO American interests at stake in Crimea. None. Not one.

This is not 1959, nor is it 1979. The Soviet Union is gone. The Russians have regional interests. They are bumping up against the EU's interests. Let those two hash it out.

The PC-Progs, led by the despicable Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland, and the rest of the estrogen-drunk cabal at the State Department love them some war.

It's time to put a stop to their abuse of American prestige and power.

No to PC-Prog/Neo-Con meddling! 

Here's the PC-Prog "humanitarian" warrior princess, (wow, so tough, just listen to that redhead fan the war flames! My little heart's all atwitter!), Sammy Power, in the UN Security Council:

"Russia is known for its literary greatness – and what you just heard from
the Russian Ambassador showed more imagination than Tolstoy or Chekhov. Russia has decided, it seems, to rewrite its borders, but it cannot rewrite the facts.

"Now, the referendum has taken place, but the national and international legal status of Crimea has not changed. A thief can steal property, but that does not confer the right of ownership on the thief."

"...let me just emphasize again what Russia has done is wrong as a matter of law, wrong as a matter of history, wrong as a matter of policy, and dangerous. What happened in Crimea cannot be recognized as valid. We must stand together denying recognition and imposing consequences for this illegal act. In doing so, we must also be very clear that what happened in Crimea cannot be repeated in other parts of Ukraine."

Those are insults designed to prod a normal man into reaction.

Passive aggressive PC-Prog humanitarian war lovers.

Many wars have been launched for much less hysterical ravings.

Note that Power and her clique are ginning up a good "humanitarian" justification now--the Tatars in Crimea.

The PC-Prog regime are NOT "wimps," at least not in the sense that you're characterizing them--unwilling to kill, destroy, or mutilate. Obama's handlers have him sign death warrants daily. He gladly sends American troops to their death, without a second's hesitation. Obama peruses the "death lists" every night, annotating and condemning those whom he believes worthy of death.

He and his cronies launched a war against Libya, resulting in thousands, maybe tens of thousands of deaths. His handlers boldly provide funding, arms and training to Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists--in Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

Obama and his handlers sent a team of American SEALS to seize a ship full of Libyan Islamic Jihad oil that belonged to EU oil companies, and had been stolen by another Libyan Islamic group for sale to other EU entities. No US interests at all. Just boldly sending American soldiers to potentially die for EU/Libyan Islamic oil.

That's pretty doggone ballsy stuff there.

But it is all COVERT. The PC-Progs are manipulating the neo-cons, and their own ignorant followers. By relying on COVERT warfare, they never have to admit publicly what they are doing. The neo-cons see it, and love it--that's why McCain and Graham just love Obama and his clique. The PC-Prog true believers have no clue--whatever Obama reads off the teleprompter is from a savior.

And the main point of all these foreign adventuring is that the real issues--Obama's misadventures here at home, are all forgotten.

Look at how effective that is. Conservatives regularly demonstrate on the streets of their towns, urging a movement for Impeaching Obama. And yet, many of them are now tied up in knots, defending Obama's meddling in foreign issues with no American interests at stake.

There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of our opponents. They are experts at influence, covert manipulation, lying, misdirection, and deceit--and they now own the entire apparatus of the American intelligence community--purged of virtually all dissidents. Combined with their massive domestic campaign/PR machine, and control of the media, they are cooking conservatives gooses, and many conservatives urge them to cook harder.

Who cares (in America) what Putin snatches? What effect does Crimea now being Russian have on us? Now if Mexico was snatching Arizona, that would be an American interest. There is NO American interest in Crimea. Not like the good old days.

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