Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama's Anti-American Agenda and Its Effects

Prime Minister Putin today expressed his admiration for President Obama's "brave" decision to expose Eastern Europe's flank to missile attacks. Evidently, the Obama administration's desire to make foreigners "like us" is bearing fruit.

Symbolism is more important than technical details. Poland and the Czech Republic were 'under our wing' before. Now they are thrown to the wolves. Russia and/or Tehran have inched closer to regional control.

Neville Chamberlain's appeasement was a good-faith attempt to serve his country, wimpy and idiotic as it was. The Obama clique's appeasement is wanton and depraved. Their apparent goal is to destroy the status the US built in the 2oth century. They are well on their way.

A smug appeaser strolls with his tormentor

Very much like Chamberlain's idiotic claim of "peace in our time," Obama's anti-American abandonment of our mutual protection agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic will almost surely lead to conflict. The only question is: Will it be World War III, or a regional war? The former is much more likely, with Russia's interest in regaining its lost stature as a world power.

Obama instinctively abhors America's special role as the global police force, with good will towards all and a solid billy-club for transgressors.

Obama's crown?

Obama's "Progressives," now firmly in control of all the levers of America's power: diplomatic, military, and economic, are bound and determined to put America in its place. Since the 1920s, the Obama clique of elites and their ancestors have taught the politically correct lessons in academia and education, the media and Hollywood. The essence of their view: America is a land of unbridled racism, xenophobia, hatred, imperialism and injustice. In contrast, they set up the Progressive mission: to level the playing field for their comrades.

Obama's craven Secretary of Defense, a RINO former CIA analyst with pretensions of grandeur, was traditional America's last hope to fend off the Progressive attack on the Pax Americana. It would appear that he has capitulated to the Progressives. Our flank is wide open to the Progressive attack. The only remaining voice of reason at high levels of the administration would appear to be--Hillary Clinton.

How ironic is it that we must now now look to the Hillary as the one remaining potential beacon of sanity in Obama's inmate-run asylum? During her last adminstration, we were able to repulse several attacks on normal America. Her husband, the first black president, attuned to the political winds, shifted his policies back toward the center when his Progressive intention became known (gays in the military, health care reform). Clinton's initial forays into Progressive anti-Americanism were met with tea-party-like outrage.

Focused on his own political future, and guided by his savvy triangulation strategy, Clinton tacked back to the political center, and garnered grudging support and respect. In retrospect, the Clintons' reign appears nearly conservative. Our second black president has nothing but contempt for his opponents. His goal is not to co-opt them and their positions, but rather to mock and destroy them.

Is Obama less mindful of his political future than Bill Clinton was? Or does he have another plan to maintain power? Possibly a plan that does not require the winning of elections? His hope to replicate the shenanigans of the 2008 election were dealt a blow this month, as his minions in ACORN revealed their plans to spend federal funds to import illegal alien child sex slaves for Obama-brothels.

The ancient media has collapsed under the weight of its impossible burden, the covert influence operation that tries to hide the real face of the Obama Progressives. The next election will mobilize and deploy the 9/12 tea-party Normal Americans and demolish the Progressive power structure. The new media is finally coalescing as the voice of the no-longer-silent-majority. A giant Rip van Winkle shook the accumulated leaves from his clothing, stood and roared on Sept 12, 2009. The Obama machine's response of studied contempt is like the Lost in Space Robot spluttering, "Does not compute, Will Robinson! Does not compute!"

For the last hundred years, Normal Americans have been beaten down by the triple threat of the media, education/academia, and the entertainment industry. Our every attempt to celebrate and defend American exceptionalism, values, and ideals has been mocked, attacked, and derided. We have been beaten down and branded as haters, racists, sexists, homophobes. 9/12 marked a turning point. No more will normals ignore egregious anti-American agendas. Not in the government, not on ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN, not at Columbia University, and not from Castro-loving Oliver Stone and his ilk.

While wishing the President and his administration well, for the sake of our country, we must maintain vigilance to ensure that our sacred institutions, values, and interests are not permanently damaged beyond repair. Look at the United Kingdom after Chamberlain sold its soul. Is that where we want to be in 20 years?

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