Friday, July 6, 2012

Iran, Mexico, Furious Assassins: Manufactured Crisis, World War III?

Iran, Mexico, Furious Assassins: Manufactured Crisis, World War III?

Originally published in BigPeace, Oct. 12, 2011

As I predicted the day after his election, Obama and his radical clique are hell-bent on destroying the traditional USA. Stymied in their overt attempts—ObamaCare, trillion-dollar stimulus deficit spending, financial reforms—they’ve resorted to covert actions. This is their comfort zone—lie, obfuscate, cover-up, excuse, deny, make counter-accusations.

PC-Progressives are liars by profession. They cannot reveal their true beliefs. If they did, they would be run out of the country on a rail. So they lie, obfuscate, conceal. Thus, PC-Progressives take very well to official covert actions.

Covert action requires lying. The lying is officially sanctioned. The Obama administration, the most radical anti-American administration in history is immersed now in official lying—covert actions in Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Mexico. What will the end game be? God help us.

Eric Holder, no stranger to counter-constitutional measures is being slowly encircled by constitutional investigations. The subpoena he dreaded arrived in his office this week.
Anticipating the Fast and Furious subpoena, walls closing in around him, Holder-Obama sprung a surprise–Iran plans an attack on American soil!

A manufactured crisis leading to war is the only way out for these malefactors. Like their role model, FDR, they believe that the only way for their Keynesian economics to heal the country is to destroy it. The only atonement for America’s imagined past sins is to wash them away in blood—oceans of blood. As their castles in the air dissolve, both domestically and internationally, the only possible PC-Progressive response is to start a war—the bigger, the better.

Just like their ideological fathers, Lenin and Stalin, the Obama-Holder-Hillary clique must instigate international turmoil to distract from domestic man-made disasters.

What better way to instigate turmoil than an FBI-DEA entrapment operation? Convince a poor schmuck Iranian with ties to the Ayatollah’s regime that he’s dealing with big-wig narcos. Talk him into a big operation—“let’s whack the Saudi ambassador! That’s the ticket!” Get him talking about the operation on tape. Then, when needed, publicize the bust, fan the flames of hysteria.

Presto! Change-o! Headlines about corruption, cronyism, perjury, selling firearms to Mexican drug dealers, loner Obama, loser Holder, Hillary biding her time, Republicans surging, whacko-PC-Progressives drumming and defecating on Wall Street—all fade away.

Manufacture a crisis. Publicize it. Fan the flames. Beat the drums for war. Who can resist? Conservative war-hawks are drawn in. The PC-Progressives, now that they command the military, are all for it.

Ever hear of the Tonkin Gulf incident? PC-Progressives have experience at this little game.

The more things change. Gird your loins—this will not be clean, or pretty.

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