Friday, July 6, 2012

State of the Union 2011--WTF?!

SOTUS 2011—WTF?!

Originally appeared in BigPeace, Jan. 27, 2011

Barack Obama’s handlers and speech writers revealed their re-election strategy last night in his State of the Union speech. The Obama clique thinks they are replicating Slick Willy Clinton’s (and Dick Morris’s) triangulation strategy after the electoral Waterloo in 1994.

Maybe they need Rahm Emanuel back in the White House. They need somebody with a clue.

Instead of Clinton’s sharp tack to the right, the Obama clique has replicated Gerald Ford’s muddled economic/political strategy: Whip Inflation Now! (WIN).

Unfortunately (for Obama and his clueless handlers), they forgot to check out the acronym for their apparent campaign slogan for 2012: Obama 2012—Win the Future! (WTF).

The commander in chief used the phrase, or a variation of it, about ten times in his speech last night. Clearly they have decided to replace “Hope, Change, Believe,” and “Yes, We Can” with “WTF.” Good luck with that, Barack.

It took my 15 year old 2 seconds to crack up, after I pointed out the acronym—as he texted his way through watching the SOTUS with me. WTF? For non-texters, WTF is texting shorthand for “What the F***?”

Here are a few of the WTF lines from our fearless leader’s speech:

Green energy? WTF!

More government “investments”? WTF!

Sputnik? WTF!

Solar shingles? WTF!

"Sunlight and water" fuel? WTF!

Gang wars at school? WTF!

Illegal aliens pledging allegiance to the American flag? WTF!

Give 80% of Americans access to high-speed rail? WTF!

Avoid TSA pat-downs, take the train? WTF!

A flaw in Obamacare? WTF!

Obama will make sure we’re not “buried under a mountain of debt?” WTF!

Repealing ObamaCare will add “a quarter trillion dollars to our deficit?” WTF!

Raising taxes on “millionaires” to “promote America’s success?” WTF!

Give Americans a government that is more competent and more efficient?” WTF!

Ensure that “special interests are not larding up legislation with pet projects?” WTF!

He has “renewed” and “restored” America’s standing in the world? WTF!

Thanks to Obama’s geniuses, we now have the perfect re-election slogan: Obama 2012—WTF?!

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