Friday, July 6, 2012

Libya: Proof that PC-Progressives Lack Core Values

Hillary's Estrogen-fueled War In Libya

By Kent Clizbe

September 15, 2011

Unprecedented is putting it mildly. A strong ally in the global war on terror, Libya’s former strongman, Moammar al-Gaddafi, renounced his weapons of mass destruction program after he saw America’s resolve and military power in Afghanistan and Iraq. He surrendered two terrorist suspects for trial. Gaddafi was a tiger who changed his stripes—a reviled international pariah, he became a strong partner in the war on terror.  

What was his reward for nearly a decade of cooperation with us? An American-led revolution. The Obama-Hillary clique called their little revolution a NATO mission to insure human rights. Nice word-smithing by the PC-Progressive war-mongers.

Call it what you will, Hillary and her estrogen-drunk cabal at State dragged the US into a civil war (President Obama: “No American boots on the ground.”). The height of duplicity by the PC-Progressives in this unprecedented American-led war might best be measured by comparing the ravings of the same PC-Progressives against the wars that George Bush led. Let’s look at some of the PC-Progressive rants against Iraq and Afghanistan: 

“No blood for oil.” Remember that quaint PC –Progressive chant during the Iraq War? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the Libyan war really is blood for oil. We’re tangled up in Europe’s green nightmare. They don’t have enough oil. Windmills and solar are a joke. They need oil. Libya sits on huge reserves. Solution? Blood for oil! Only problem is, the blood is spilled for oil shipments to Italy and France.

“It’s a civil war.” Democrats demanded that the US withdraw from Iraq because “it is now a civil war.” Well, the Libyan war has been a civil war from the first Obama-launched cruise missile to the latest strike on a Gaddafi compound. A civil war in Libya is okay, but one in Iraq is not?

“Arrogance.” Obama’s teleprompter told him one time to say that Bush was arrogant, dismissive, even derisive toward our allies. Sending volleys of cruise missiles down an ally’s chimneys is probably as arrogant, dismissive and derisive as you can get.

“No exit strategy.” Remember the Progressive geniuses who constantly chided the Bush administration and its dunces for not foreseeing every twist and turn as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars unfolded? Many of them are now in the Obama-Hillary administration. Yes, the same administration that has just realized that the “freedom fighters” they’ve supported in Libya are actually al-Qaeda linked Islamic extremists. “We’ll thump Gaddafi and then let al-Qaeda take over.” How’s that for an exit strategy?

“Cowboy Bush going it alone.” PC-Progressives moaned and whined constantly that President Bush was a rogue international operator, invading Iraq alone, with no international support. In fact, Bush assembled a multi-national force in Iraq, made up of units from dozens of countries. The multi-national force held daily press briefings to provide details of operations. The Libyan operation is cloaked in secrecy and the legacy media erected a wall of silence to protect Obama-Hillary. No details leak out about the foreign forces involved in the civil war. Foreign troops are invisible. Even the composition of the Libyan rebels has been cloaked by the media. Only now do the media dare to report mujahedeen in the ranks.

“Dumb war.” During his stint at a state senator, Barack said, “I don't oppose all wars... What I am opposed to is a dumb war.” The wise international theorist from Illinois then went on to derisively call Bush’s experts “weekend warriors” who arrogantly shoved “their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the costs in lives lost and in hardships borne.” Now that Obama sits on the throne in the West Wing, the whole weekend warrior issue is passé. Obama’s geniuses, that is Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power, between them don’t even qualify as weekend warriors. More like a sorority rush hit squad. And their ideological agenda? It’s not clear that they are weighing lives lost and hardships borne in their mad dash to destabilize North Africa.

“War crimes, human rights violations.” PC-Progressives constantly filled the airwaves of NPR, ABC, NBC and the other legacy media, as well as the digital pipes at Huffington Post and  with allegations of American war crimes and violations of human rights in Iraq. In Libya, based on public reporting, there seem to be no human rights violations, only clean hits on military objectives. Or is this just legacy media covering up for their darlings?  

 “Pre-emptive strikes are unconstitutional, against international law.” The chorus of PC-Progressives calling for Bush’s impeachment, Rumsfeld’s arrest for war crimes, and Cheney’s immediate execution for crimes against humanity rose to a crescendo during the Iraq invasion. The mere idea of an “aggressive war,” attacking a helpless nation before it attacked us, was deemed “Hitlerian.” Well, how does that little mustache look on Obama’s lip? Obama-Hillary justified the massive air-strikes against Gaddafi on “humanitarian” grounds. Regardless, Gaddafi had not attacked America. Obama’s Libyan war is a perfect example of a pre-emptive strike.

There is more hypocrisy in the Libyan desert, but you get the drift. American Willing Accomplices executed a perfect switch from pacifism to war-mongering when Nazi tanks invaded Russia in 1941. Just so, American PC-Progressives neatly “pivoted” from their hatred of war, bombs, missiles, death (during the Bush administration), and abandoned their pitiful demonstrations for human rights, non-aggression, and international understanding. Under Obama-Hillary, the loving lambs have morphed into blood-thirsty she-wolves.

When the American military, commanded by Normal Americans, acts for American interests, the Obama-Hillary clique were against the actions. Yet, when the American military, commanded by PC-Progressives, attacked in support of unclear internationalist interest and to secure cheap European oil, PC-Progressives are all for a little death and destruction. Proof, if you needed it, that PC-Progressives lack core values—except an abiding hatred for Normal Americans. Selective Progressive Outrage—sounds like a mental disease. 

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