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Boxer’s Response to ClimateGate—Admit Nothing, Deny Everything, Make Counter-accusations

Boxer’s Response to ClimateGate—Admit Nothing, Deny Everything, Make Counter-accusations

By Kent Clizbe

Originally appeared in ParcBench; December 3, 2009

Earlier this week, Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, during her committee’s hearings on “Climate Change,” shared her view of the recent whistleblower revelations about “Global Warming.”  The release of smoking gun emails between the high priests of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) cult, as well as computer code used to “model” climate variables, has been hailed as a revelation of staggering proportions by concerned citizens, scientists, and taxpayers around the world. 

However, Ms Boxer’s attitude towards whistleblowers is much less welcoming than one might expect.  Imagine if a whistleblower in the Bush White House had released emails documenting Karl Rove’s admonition to Colin Powell to “hide the results” showing that there were no nukes in Saddam’s Iraq.  She may have had a different attitude toward that whistleblower than the harsh feelings she has for the mole in the British university. 

Ms Boxer emphasized that her interest in exploring the ClimateGate issue was not to get to the bottom of faked science, paid for with US taxpayer dollars.  No, Senator Boxer, wants to call it “Email-theft-gate,” and she wants to look into potentially coordinated “criminal activity” involved in the release of the smoking gun code and emails. 

As this slow motion train wreck unfolds for our viewing pleasure (the exquisite timing of the release—with President Obama scheduled to declare a continued lowering of the sea level in Copenhagen within days—is delicious), we must continue to monitor the opposition, and be prepared for their tactics and methods of operation. 

In our upcoming project, Brett Joshpe and I will share detailed accounts of how Progressives/Liberals/Democrats (choose your term based on the staleness of their last title) in America operate in the trenches, and why.  My background as a CIA operations officer allowed me to understand deeply the power of what is known in the espionage trade as “Covert Influence” operations. 

International communists were masters of Covert Influence, and zeroed in on the three institutions that controlled the transmission of America’s cultural heritage—the Media, Education/Academia, and Hollywood.  They realized that they would never be able to destroy America by military might alone.  Masters of subterfuge and covert influence during the Russian Revolution, the communists turned their attention to their new enemies around 1920.  Their covert influence strategy was just like advertising.  Insert subtle messages into multiple delivery vehicles, never being too blatant.  The common theme of the payloads could be summed up as “America is an irredeemably greedy, racist, foreigner-hating, fascist country.”  

Recruiting “Willing Accomplices” in the press, universities and education, and in Hollywood was surprisingly easy.  Many Americans were ripe for the picking, and served quietly and efficiently in their influence roles.  Careful counter-intelligence research has revealed identities of agents of influence in all three spheres of American life.  The payload insertion began in the 1920s, and continued unabated through the salad days of communist espionage, right through World War II. 

When KGB professionals were recalled to Moscow and summarily executed during Stalin’s purges, their replacements were unable to renew their covert influence networks.  This was not a problem, however.  The American Willing Accomplices had already imbibed the payloads, the attitude, and the methods and techniques of covert influence operations.  They simply continued operating, on their own. 

After WWII, the communists were on the run.  Espionage conspiracies were exposed by former comrades who defected to the side of freedom.  The FBI investigated many operatives.  Other counter-intelligence work by American and allied services revealed multiple penetrations throughout the government and other institutions.  With communist penetration of American institutions being exposed almost daily, agents fully exercised their KGB training. 

A fundamental response to exposure of covert action operations is boiled down to a motto, well-known to covert action operatives.  In case of exposure or questioning by authorities:  Admit nothing.  Deny everything  Make counter-accusations.  This was the technique honed in revolution, proven in wartime, and adopted by American agents of influence. 

Again and again, the Willing Accomplices employed this tactic.  The Rosenbergs.  Alger Hiss.  The “Hollywood Ten.”  Those correctly accused of having communist connections used this technique to perfection.  The beauty of this technique is that it works.  Alger Hiss was still being defended by Progressives well into the 21st century, long past any doubt of his true guilt.  Joseph McCarthy, although he was right in the substance of his accusations of communist penetration of the bulwarks of American government, was successfully vilified with counter-accusations until his name became an epithet. 

The Willing Accomplices in the media, academia, and Hollywood ran cover for their comrades.  As the 50s matured into the 60s, the template of reaction became boilerplate.  And the payload matured into the mantras of today’s Political Correctness:  America is a mean-spirited, hateful, fascist, racist, sexist, xenophobic, hating country built on the backs of the oppressed and minorities.”   

This digression into ancient history is necessary in discussing Sen. Boxer’s counter-accusations because it better helps us to understand the pedigree of Sen. Boxer’s tactics.  Tried and true, her tactics were taught to the original Willing Accomplices by the communist covert operators.  Decades of practice has honed the Progressives’ response to exposure of the dirty truths of their ideology (like the ClimateGate emails).  With animal cunning instincts, they admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations. 

And their allies in the institutions penetrated by the influence operations provide cover and justification for whatever the Progressives do, regardless of right or wrong.  

One last note with regards to the AGW issue and its historical foundation.  The advocates for massive reductions of energy use in America are quite simply acting on the KGB’s covert influence payloads.  Once the message sank in, after repetitions throughout our culture—in elementary school (Recycling is Fun! Do it or the earth will explode.), in college (We are killing Gaia by driving cars.), in the media (Al Gore is our savior), and Hollywood (Inconvenient Truth slide show wins an Oscar!)—the American public was nearly powerless to resist the nearly irresistible conclusion of decades of covert influence messages.  America must be punished before it can do further harm to the Earth.”   

With this background in mind, now is the time to finally stand and say “Ms Boxer, have you no shame?  Enough is enough, ma’m.”  While there are many websites and blogs commenting on this issue, it is time for take a page from the President’s playbook—let’s   organize our community for action. 

We have set up a Yahoo Group, a petition and a Facebook group. 

Join.  Tell all your friends, online and in person, about these groups.  Once we have a critical mass, we can discuss the proper actions to take.  Suggestions welcome. 

No Consensus--No Warming (NOC-NOW)--Stop the Scam--Halt the IPCC

We have a quickly growing Yahoo Group (CO2 is Plant Food), and a petition (NOC-NOW) that simply spells out a Declaration of Climate Independence.

We also have a Facebook Group: No Consensus--No Warming (NOC-NOW)--Stop the AGW Scam. 

The petition will be provided to the US Congress, the White House, the UN, the IPCC, the EU Commission, and other representative bodies involved in "Climate Change" policy deliberations.

We will be heard.

Please join the group: 

And sign the petition:

We can stop this scam, together.

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